Rants and Recipes

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Why “Rants n Recipes”?

Great question. I have other articles and videos. They cover a lot of topics related to the kind of help I offer and tips and tools for improvement. But I really wanted to get into “hot button” topics.  Specifically, the ones that were hitting MY hot button.  But there are already PLENTY of people blogging their heads off about whatever’s not right with the world and the injustice of it all. I thought… “riiiight, like the world really needs another rant right about now – NOT!”

But then I thought about it again – why not?  I mean, in realty that’s exactly what many people are listening to… but something just wasn’t sitting well about it with me. What did I NOT like about the “rants” that I listened to? Especially the ones that really did capture my interests?

It finally came to the surface – none of the other rants seemed to do more than get you fired up about something, maybe throw in a handful of “what should be done” statements, and then leave you without any real resolution or guide for how to make anything better… or how to deal with the things you can’t control.  “That’s it!” I thought.  “Cool – so now what do I call the second part?”

In reality – it’s a formula, or process outline… and when my mind reached back into my manufacturing background… sometimes a step-by-step set of instructions for making something (especially in the materials engineering world) is called a Recipe.  And that was that!

(Not to say we’ll never talk about the millions of creative ways to incorporate bacon into your meal plan… but that’s much more likely to show up in my FB feed or one of my newsletters!)

In reality – I just wanted a way to connect the things I rant about with some kind of practical series of steps or tips to help at least reduce the potential stress or frustration associated with a given topic! Maybe it even answers the source of struggles and setbacks for others – because as cathartic as ranting may be, it really is only cathartic for me. Besides – after a really great cathartic rant – my subconscious mind frequently starts supplying ideas of how to improve or fix things associated with the rant – so putting the two (the RANT and the RECIPE) together just makes sense.

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