Providing Passion, Value, Expertise, and Over 2 Decades of Experience.

Stop doing the same thing and expecting different results!

Can you afford to keep going down the path you’re on without change?

Consulting brings a million thoughts to mind, and maybe some of them are accurate. The real reason to hire a consultant is if you have a challenge that you don’t have the expertise in-house to resolve. In a nutshell, that’s it.  It doesn’t mean you’re not a good enough leader, or that your team is not good enough at what they do. It simply means you’re faced with a challenge that you’ve probably never seen before, or possibly one that you simply don’t have the background to effectively resolve.

That’s where I come in.  I have decades of experience in process design, production, engineering, R&D, and in every single one of these is an incredible amount of problem-solving.

People problems. Equipment problems. Process problems, and MORE.

That’s all leveraged for YOU to resolve and eliminate the challenges that are holding your organization back from where you want it to be.

I have built processes from the ground up. I’ve redesigned processes. I have resolved technical problems that had an entire nuclear refueling cycle on hold and were outside of my regularly assigned systems.

In short, I’ve seen and helped resolve more challenges than I can count, and I’m ready to bring that skillset to bear on the issues holding you back, so you can put your time and energy into what you know best!

Assess . Create . Execute . Maintain .

Consulting with Aaron Hydrick will give you access to …


  • 16+ years experience in manufacturing
  • 20+ years experience in engineering
  • Outside the box engineering (The anti-{that’s the way we’ve always done it}!)
  • Process development
  • Product development
  • Process control
  • Production control
  • Meaningful KPI Development (a.k.a. WTH IS a “KPI”??!!?)
  • Innovation – what it is, where it comes from, how to encourage it
  • Creative problem solving… (stop doing the same thing and expecting different results!)
  • Troubleshooting (shoot to KILL doggone it!)
  • Root and other cause analysis – of various issues…
    • Mechanical
    • Production
    • Process
    • Chemical/Material
  • Leadership Development
  • Team Building
  • Build and Create internal accountability (*not “holding them accountable”!)
  • What NOT to do (a.k.a. things I have screwed up so you don’t have to!)


  • Manufacturing processes
  • Train the trainer
  • Systems engineering and engineering controls
  • System reliability
  • Sustainable: recruit-hire-develop-retain cycles
  • Operator training (see also train the trainer)
  • Process development/creation
  • Continuous (and other) types of improvement
  • Culture development
  • Professional and/or Leadership development cultures
  • Relating to/communicating with: operators/supervisors/managers/execs/board members/engineers/sales/HR/accounting/others
  • Supervising and managing contractors
  • Re-thinking and/or re-defining the “wheel”: e.g., “Best” (best practice) “Normal”

Interested in moving your business past “business as usual”?

Contact Aaron today and learn to harness the fundamental elements of outstanding leadership to unleash your team’s power for dynamic change.