Aaron Hydrick

Over 25 Years working and leading in Manufacturing, R&D, Engineering, Utilities, and the US Navy.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change!” – Wayne Dyer

My background is different from most consultants, coaches, speakers or leadership trainers.

With over 25 years of experience in various roles – most of them serving as a leader, I bring practical know-how from real-world challenges and share that with your team. This experience – gathered through time spent in industry, academia, and the military – is a source of both inspiration and insight that allow me to design unique, highly effective solutions tailored to your exact needs. I have studied and practiced leadership in a number of organizations, from small, privately held manufacturing firms to Fortune 500 companies, and yes, also while serving in the reactor controls division of a nuclear-powered submarine.

Through the years, as I strived to learn from my mistakes and improve my skills and knowledge, I consistently saw the need for a better approach.  A better approach to leadership… to defining problems… to understanding why we sometimes don’t get the results we want. Ultimately, the need was the motivation for me to develop new ways to approach, and resolve challenges. More often than not, I saw better results – many times, those results were breakthroughs.  Now, I take what I’ve learned and use it to help others grow and transform themselves… position themselves… to achieve breakthroughs of their own!  So, put my combined knowledge and experience to work for your team and see where Transformative Breakthrough can take you!

Aaron Hydrick’s Background

Aaron Hydrick’s more than 25 years of experience includes Manufacturing, Research and Development, Engineering, Utilities, Speaking, Teaching and the United States Nuclear Navy. Over 20 of these years were in leadership roles.

Aaron has managed and led everything from machining operations to the design and assembly of new sensors for nuclear applications. He led a team that developed and manufactured one of the world’s newest high-capacity fiber optic communications cables. He was the senior reactor operator during the initial start-up a newly installed reactor core on a US nuclear submarine following refueling and was awarded the Navy Achievement Medal for his role in the successful and uneventful completion of the series of highly complex tasks associated with that assignment.

Aaron’s strengths include problem-solving and investigative analysis in engineering and manufacturing environments where he also shares not just how to resolve problems, but how to think creatively when doing so.

Aaron is passionate about sharing his experience and expertise with others to help them transform themselves and their organizations.

Aaron has taught in every major arena that he has worked in – US Navy as training coordinator for reactor controls division on the USS Dallas, at Alfred University as a laboratory instructor, and in commercial nuclear power and manufacturing. He holds undergraduate degrees in Ceramic and Electrical Engineering as well as a Masters in Materials Science & Engineering. Aaron is a patent holder for a unique processing method for coating fiber optics. He is trained and qualified in the US nuclear industry’s Systematic Approach to Training, commercial manufacturing’s TWI (Training Within Industry) method and is also a certified Six-Sigma Black Belt through BMGi and NextEra Energy. Aaron also serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Orangeburg Regional Innovation Center.

One area in which Aaron has received consistent praise is his ability to break down highly technical and complex subject matter into plain, everyday language and make it understandable and accessible to nearly anyone.

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