Custom tailored to YOUR team with priority on people, culture, and engagement – this is where breakthrough in leadership starts.

The Power of Transformative Leadership

Traditional “leadership development” is dead, and it will never go back to what it once was.

Good Riddance!

Bring the CHANGE!!!

If we’re really honest, the crisis with leadership development and leadership training programs was well underway long before the pandemic.   Don’t believe me?  Google it.  Search for “what’s wrong with leadership training” – and then read some of the articles published by the likes of Forbes, Fortune, Inc. This has been on the radar since at least 2017.

What we once called “leadership development” was, at best, little more than an intense info dump of generalized ideology and dogma.  In most cases, it was a week-long, 8-hour-a-day training session, delivered without understanding or focus on the unique needs of the client and it ended with a handshake, a mass-produced certificate, and an almost inevitable feeling of “OK, that was nice, now let’s get back to business as usual”.

Those programs were largely what I call “Off the Shelf, Out of the Box, One-Size-Fits-All” programs. The problem?  One size does NOT fit all! You and your business are unique. You have something else, something MORE to offer. Why should you expect anything less from leadership development for your team???

That’s where Breakthrough for Leaders comes in. Much more than just training, our program is custom-tailored to YOUR team. It’s interactive, adaptive, and results-focused. Developing a leader is a commitment, one we take very seriously. We provide knowledge, skills, and tools based on what your developing leaders need to grow, learn, and change. Since the real power for change comes from within, it’s my job to both challenge and guide individuals so that they can tap into and harness that power.

One thing that sets us apart – our approach is rooted in the concept that mental well-being, emotional intelligence, and bringing work and life truly into balance are critical to breakthrough performance.

It’s leadership development, designed and developed specifically for you and your team!

Transformative Breakthrough for Leaders

A program customized for your needs. Here are examples of topics to choose from.

Manage Time Productively: Learn triage skills that allow rapid assessment and prioritization of whatever’s on your plate, plus the most common obstacles to good time management, and how to crush them. Decide whether to Do It, Delegate It, or Delete It!

Communicate for Results: Learn WHAT really needs to be communicated, WHO needs to know, and HOW to get that message across. (This applies to any kind of communication: disciplinary, performance review, goals, visions, even KPIs.)

Run Efficient, Effective Meetings: Learn WHEN you really do need a meeting, WHAT that meeting needs to include (and WHO), and HOW to get in, get done, and get out ASAP!

Reduce Workplace Stress: Learn the techniques for workplace stress reduction, and take control of stress in the workplace. Boost productivity, and get work/life balance back on track!

Don’t Just Hire; Recruit: Learn how to integrate recruiting as a year-round part of your regular business model. Discover the steps to successfully recruit the very best candidates… for YOUR business.

Hire for Success: Learn to transform hiring into a well-documented process, to consistently exclude the most common hiring mistakes and build-in highly effective hiring methods in their place.

Developing Your Team Members: Learn the strategies for developing your direct reports, and making them FEEL like part of a team. Help them to grow, and as they recognize and realize their professional potential, they’ll grow your organization too. (This is also a GREAT way to build LOYALTY!)

Get to Collaborative Buy-In: Learn the real secret behind moving visions and goals forward – collaboration from a team that’s bought-in to those very goals and visions. The steps to getting collaborative support are your path to a team that works together and gets things done.

Transform Difficult People into Team Players: Learn how to identify WHAT the real problem is, WHY that problem exists, and HOW to redirect destructive behaviors into team strengths.

Leading highly creative or talented individuals: Learn how to guide and direct truly creative individuals without shutting them down.

The Who What & Why…


New Managers

Managers who have never had training for the transition into a leadership role.

Managers who want to refresh or update their training.

Seasoned leaders who want to add to or update specific leadership skillsets.

Anyone in a leadership role who wants to get the tools, skills, and techniques to get ahead of the challenges facing us in 2021.


Tools and techniques used by leaders of
world-class organizations.
Critical skills to transform managers into highly effective leaders

The real discovery will be the ability to use these tools, techniques, and skills to harness your power for dynamic change, to transform your team and your business. Improve the impact of your managers; give them the skills they need to become leaders.

Your managers will become better leaders and your teams will be more motivated and effective


2022. Is that a good enough reason?

2020 turned everything sideways. 2021 challenged the way we do business and brought some permanent changes. Is your business ready to take on 2022? There has never been a better time to make sure that your team has every possible advantage.

Our program is constructed from the knowledge of executives with decades of experience turning challenges into success. We distill those decades of experience into a tailored solution that’s relevant to the challenges your team is facing here and now.

Lasting & Meaningful Change

I can teach leadership all day, for days on end.  However…

Without open & transparent communication and interaction… Without engagement – there is no way to touch your true potential for lasting, meaningful change!

Still wondering if our Transformative Breakthrough Program is for you?

Let me ask you this… Have you ever lost a good employee because of a bad manager?

Maybe you promoted an outstanding employee into a leadership role, only to see them struggle or fail?

Has your leadership wrestled with the extra challenges and adjustments of functioning amidst the post- pandemic business model?

If the answer to any of this was “yes”, then consider a program designed to take the influence and impact of your leadership team to the next level.

Remember: this program is tailored to your leadership team, specifically to help them grow & develop into dynamic leaders who will then pass on what they learn to their own employee teams!

Starting with the knowledge, skills, and abilities crucial to your team’s success, Aaron creates custom programs designed specifically to get to the heart of the problems plaguing your business. Then – through a blended learning program including training, reading, practical exercises, and one-to-one feedback, your leaders begin to harness their power for dynamic change. The beauty is that their development is tailored to meet the challenges they face every day – as well as aligning with the organizations’ business needs and corporate culture.

This process ignites the fires of productivity, effectiveness, and resilience within your team. If this sounds like a good fit for your organization, then let’s talk about unleashing your team’s power for dynamic change.

Interested in becoming the leader you’ve always wanted to be?

Contact Aaron today and learn to harness the fundamental elements of outstanding leadership to unleash your team’s power for dynamic change.