“Roughly 3,000 South Carolinians filed an initial claim for unemployment last week while many employers say they are struggling to find enough employees to keep their businesses afloat.” Full article

So what’s happening here …

“Recruiting and hiring is just not an issue we have.” Have you heard that? Or maybe you’re someone who has been approached about developing a solid, internal recruiting, hiring (maybe even retention) program? And if you are, I’ll bet your standard response is: “nope, we’re all good”.

It’s ok.  We’ve been trained and conditioned that we’re robust, rugged individuals or organizations.  We KNOW that we MUST avoid any “salesy” people trying to sell “improvement”.  Or perhaps – your organization “has people” who handle such things.

Let me cut right to it. I’m that person. The one who doesn’t need help. The one who “has people” for recruiting and hiring.

Or I was.  In what seems like a past life, back when I was a manager… in leadership roles in manufacturing and tech.

Now – fast forward to right here, right now… and let’s drop the show, shall we?  I won’t give numbers. But the turnover rates at some places I’ve worked were frightening – crippling even.  And no – I’m not living in some isolated bubble – friends and family currently work in these areas across the country, and I stay in touch.  I guess it’s not the “revolving door” so much that’s the problem these days… it’s more just getting a couple of good hires to make the trip TO the front door. Like for an interview.  Don’t believe me, do you?  (Or you know I’m telling you the truth and that robust pride isn’t going to let you admit it.)  That’s ok. I am really not poking fun at anyone else as much as I am at ME. I’m telling you, for REAL, I was that guy! So believe me now when I tell you I really do sympathize – and empathize.

Here – take a look at what some folk local to SC have to say on the topic… this isn’t the only article on this topic – just the one that happened to pop up in my news feed this morning!

Now – I’m not selling snake oil or any other related bovine excrement.  What I do have is 30 years of life and professional experience beyond college. I’m ready and able to help you develop a solid, sustainable approach to ENDING the struggle with the whole endless hiring cycle and high turnover rates.

I start with recruiting, work through hiring – including how to interview, and closeout with retention. 

But this only works if you’re willing to make 2 major commitments:

  • Adopt an attitude of genuine care and concern for your employees’ well-being
  • Be willing to make lead changes where needed

Sounds so simple. It actually is fairly straightforward. But I promise you it is HARD WORK.  You will work, sweat, and maybe even have some strong emotions. (I didn’t say “cry” we’re all still rugged, robust souls, yes? Remind me to talk about that myth sometimes too!)

Seriously – if you’re tired of getting what you’ve always gotten out of your hiring cycle – then let’s talk! You really can recruit well (even for hourly positions) and make better hiring decisions that lead

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